5 ways to take good pictures of yourself 

Although nowadays, we have a lot of tools to take pictures, a lot of people are not confident about taking pictures of themselves. In fact, there are tricks to make your pictures look tantalising
Angle your face

Taking pictures with your head down makes your face look slimmer. Tilt your head a bit so that you look more natural and less stiff. 

Cross your legs 

When taking a whole body shot, crossing your legs will help elongate your body. You can also use the trick when sitting down to make your legs look longer and elegant. 

Get other objects in the frame 

Whether it’s a book on the beach or a rope in the forest, finding relevant objects to match with the scene is key to make your shot look more interesting. 
Smile like you are not smiling for the camera 

Sometimes, we smile differently on camera. Actually, your natural smile is the most beautiful. Next time, smile in front of the camera whilst thinking you are not in the camera. You will surprise yourself. 
Rock it out 

Everyone is special on the planet. As you progress, you will find your very own angle that no one can rock it but yourself


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