4 Work Outfit Essentials 2017 

Whether it’s job interviews or just a normal day at work, putting on the right outfit does help with your career. A number of studies show that dressing up right for your work would not only impress your clients and superiors, it will also make you feel confident about yourself, which enhances your performance. You might be thinking you can’t be asked to spend anymore time for work after all the hours that you have dedicated. Actually, there are 5 impeccable work outfit essentials that will make you can’t wait for work day. 


Shirts are amazing when you wanna dress smart. For beginners, we would recommend white crochet shirt to make the outfit look more interesting. White shirts are universal and can pretty much pair with any colours.

White crochet shirt
White crochet shirt

If you like colours, yellow and pastel pink are popular for spring 2017. They are great to brighten up your outfits.

Yellow shirt
Yellow shirt

Structured Smart Dress

There are days you are pumped up for work but there are also days that you just simply can’t be asked to put on clothes for work. If that is you, you might want to invest into structured smart dresses. Structured dresses are amazing to make your outfit look sophisticated without putting too much effort on matching clothes. If you also like food whilst working, Whistles Josie V neck causal dress is perfect for storing your food baby with its relaxed fit. There are 2 big side pockets in case you have anything to put in, a huge plus!

Whistles v neck dress
Whistles v neck dress

Got a tight budget? ASOS knitted dress with V neck and side pockets is a great alternative. You can also put a t-shirt underneath to make it look more special.

Knitted dress with v neck and pockets
Knitted dress with v neck and pockets

Jersey trousers

Yes you didn’t read that wrong. Jersey work trousers do exist! They are extremely comfortable just like the your pyjama bottoms.
Want more comfort? Wide leg jersey trousers will make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.


Pink Kitten Heels From Asos
Red kitten heels
Red kitten heels

Heels are perfect to elongate your legs. Kitten heels are elegant and comfortable to wear.

What do you wear for work?

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