Best Japanese Lipsticks 2017

Talking about Japanese lipsticks brand, apart from Shu Uemnura, Jill Stuart, there are lots of drugstore brands that are great quality.



A lot of you would associate Kate with eye makeup products. Actually, their lip products cannot be missed. With their simplistic triangle designs, Kate lipsticks are very easy to apply. Also, their signature black colour makes everything look even more edgy. When you first apply, it might look very sheer, but the colours will go richer throughout the day. Their biggest feature is they change colours according to different individuals’ body temperatures. They are perfect to match with heavier eye makeup.

Media Creamy Lasting Lip Products


Media lipsticks are enriched with collagen from the sea, olive oil and Jojoba oil. They have always been regarded as the best lipstick brand amongst Japanese women as they keep themselves natural. Having more than 20 colours to choose from, you are guaranteed to find your kind of colours. They are highly pigmented just like the ones you browse in high end brand counters.

ZA moisturising lipsticks


Za praise themselves with their highly pigmented and moisturising lipsticks. Apart from the oval tip shape that is for more advanced lipstick appliers, Za lipsticks are flawless. In 2017, Za have introduced 6 limited lip colours. With their special pop art designs, you just want to bring them home.

Edited By Venus Wong

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