Top 3 Spring Shoe Trends 2017

As Spring is marching quickly, it’s time to do a shoe clear out. This time, we have picked up top 3 Spring shoe trends to show some sunshine to your feet.

‘Flat’ formsFlatform style

Whether walking on a soggy lawn or on a lunch date, flat forms are going to be your Spring best friends. In Spring 2017, we are challenging you to walk on platforms instead of your usual flats. Flatforms will be a great introduction if you are looking for something to make you look taller without giving up comfort.

Apart from high end fashion brands like gucci, armani do flatforms, there are also tons of cheap alternatives that you could get. Here are some flatform recommendations that are under 50£.

Kitten heels

Kitten Heels



This spring is dedicated to you 50s fan because kitten heels are revived! For this season, we could see that kitten heels with a touch of pastel colours and silver are back on stage. From designer brands like Jeffrey Campbell to high streets Zara, kitten heels are going to take over spring.





Slip ons

Want to feel fashionable but too lazy to put on a pair of proper shoes? Mules are going to make you look cool effortlessly. In this season, slip ons are still rocking their way with net stockings or just wear them plain.

Like or hate? We personally love the spring trends. Let us know how you get on with these trends here!!!

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